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All You're Extreme Airbag Needs, In One Place!

We at air-drenaline offer an extensive range of uses for our air bags. We cater for parties and corporate team events as well as competitions, fete's and demo's.

We take care of all the paper work and insurance. Ensuring you get the best, safest and most enjoyable experience possible.

We can even provide the team, transport, erection and packing allowing you the peace of mind knowing you're in professional's hand's. Air-drenaline.co.uk

Future events in discussion include: zip line and Go ape style dismount's, Sky dive landing targets, stunt person jumps (5 meters for under 12's and 10 meters for adults.) plus many more. Note: no motorized vehicles, on or around the air bag. Thank you for reading and acknowledging these stipulations. Air-drenaline.

Please note: certain events, sports and activities require protection and preventative equipment. This is a paramount goal to air-drenaline.

We strive to ensure the up most in safety and enjoyment for all client's and users. Ski and snow boarders must have relatively blunt edge's, BMX and mountain bikers must have their pedals taped up with foam to prevent damage to the bag. (foam provided).

All client's and users must read and sign the acknowledgement forms before using the bag. Air-drenaline.
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Ski Rossendale Restaurant

The Best Dry Ski Slop in The North West.

Ski Rossendale is the perfect setting if you are looking to find a venue for Extreme Air Bag Fun.  With fully trained staff that provide a safe Sking & Snowboarding Environment, you can be sure of a seamlessly Awesome Event.

The Slope also has a restaurant and toilet facilities on site.  If you need equipment to go with your Extreme Air Bag Event, Ski Rossendale can provide Boots and Skis/Snowboards.

Ski Rossendale is a large venue able to cater for groups in the 100's (including spectators).  Expert instructors are also on hand. 

So if your looking for something different for your corperate event, or you are looking to give your pupils something other than swimming contact us today.

Ski Rossendale also provides WiFi connectivity making it easy to upload your photos and videos of the event, straight to the internet.
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