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Our aim is to promote a safe and secure way of progressing with extreme sports and helping thrill  
seeking enthusiasts reach their dream of Real Air-Time without the risk of injury.

We can cater for many extreme sports including winter sports; Ski and Snowboarding, Skate and  
Bike Parks; BMX and Mountain Biking, (Pedals must be Zip Tied and padded) and ĎItís a knock-outí  

We are based at Ski Rossendale, the iconic ski slope that has produced some of Englandís  
greatest snowboarders!    

Take It To The Limit!

Air-Drenaline is a fresh and exciting company offering a new and extreme way of pursuing the up and coming extreme sports and ensuring the safety of extreme sports enthusiasts. 

We have over 60 yearsí experience in the ski and snowboard industry.

We provide 10x15x2m air bags, including protective top and side sheets which can be used for advertising.

Let Air-Drenaline Organise You


Do you need somewhere to practice and perfect your
extreme sporting skills?  Air-Drenaline can provide
the slope as well as the safety of an Air Bag.
Whether you need to brush up on your back flips,
Barrel rolls, Wild cats, or just want to have some
extreme fun, Air-Drenaline is here to cater for your
Rossendale Ski slope is a dry ski slope, open all year
round, based in the heart of Lancashire.
The spectacular views of the hills around
Rossendale are the ideal setting to make your
extreme sporting experience that bit more special,
something you wonít get with indoor ski slopes!
Call us now and book your extreme Air-Drenaline
time!  Click Here
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